Yokalize all started with a local entrepreneur, looking for a way to support Your local businesses.

Hi, I’m Tim Seaton. As a small businesses owner, I have always been painfully aware of just how confusing and expensive marketing can be, Covid provided me the time to observe the exaggerated impact of the pandemic on local business, and do some serious research into more cost-effective marketing platforms.

I made it my goal to bring Fortune 500 marketing functionality to the local businesses that could really use it. Apps are on the rise, mobile functionality and uptake are firmly ingrained in our culture.

Local business could really benefit from this technology, but most do not have the sophisticated tools and expensive in-house marketing departments to take full advantage. Yokalize is our solution, offering plug and play ease with big business functionality. All targeted to the most important market there is.Yo local business. Do you have ideas on how we can make Yokalize better? Reach out. I’m right here.

Mission Statement.

Be a trusted Customer Behaviour Specialist for local business owners and not only create but also maintain more connections for our local business owners than their national competitors do.