Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar

Largest variety of organic Greek frozen yogurt, vegan, non dairy options in Canada over 65 anytime you want. We also have the largest topping bar..145 plus toppings. Chil is mixin’ things up and changing the way you do frozen yogurt! Did you know Chil was the very FIRST in Canada to offer Certified Organic Greek frozen yogurt! We also have premium Organic ice creams and the largest variety of non- dairy & vegan friendly frozen desserts in Canada! Going beyond the usual choice of only one non-dairy fruit option...Chil has cool stuff like over 50 different kinds quinoa and almond milk frozen desserts! Not to mention our extremely popular in house, freshly blended fruit and vegetable ‘Superfood’ frozen dessert! Our ‘Superfood’ tastes amazing & I won’t be able to tell there’s even vegetables in it! ALL of our frozen desserts are sweetened with fair trade raw organic unrefined cane juice and are 100% gluten free, with NO added fillers, artificial colors, flavours, sweeteners, processed sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Our organic Greek frozen yogurts are high in protein, have 6 probiotics and are naturally 80% lactose free! To top it all off, we have the LARGEST Topping Bar in Canada! With over 150+ toppings for you to choose from, there’s something for everyone. We have so many customers with special dietary needs, food intolerance's and allergies that we decided to go the extra mile and we labelled everything in our store! Now people feel confident coming into Chil and creating their custom dessert to suit their needs. Try Chil for yourself! Come in, Cool off & ‘Chil’ out! ; )