During the pandemic most retailers were shut down and faced capacity limits when they were open. Two years later, have your customers been patiently waiting for you? Some may have come back. What is your strategy to deal with these challenges?

Large MegaMartAzon’s have been collecting emails, phone numbers, device ID’s, facebook likes for many years. When the shut-down occurred, within days, they were marketing directly to your customers suggesting them to use ecommerce, delivery of pickup options. Guess where the customers spent their money?

If this is not a wake-up call to how important it is to have a strong strategy and implementation of marketing tools, I am not sure what is. Ask yourself:

  • Were you able to contact your customers to tell them about your new ecommerce site?
  • Do your customers know what today’s special is before they come to the restaurant?
  • Do you use look-a-like audiences to reduce your Facebook costs and increase its effectiveness?
  • Do you view social media as a waste of time?
  • Is your loyalty program not working properly?
  • Do you collect customer data when consumers use a coupon or your free wifi?

If you have answered ‘NO’ to these questions, chances are you are leaving a lot of profit in the hands of MegaMartAzon’s and other competitors that are doing it right. These last two years have been painful for everyone, don’t’ let an important lesson like this one get dropped.

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