Strategic Marketing Tool or Customer Convenience?

Consumers appreciate access to the wifi in your business. If you are a restaurant, coffee shop, or automotive dealer, the consumer expects to have access to your wifi.

If you are simply offering a password to these consumers, you are missing a HUGE opportunity. Consumers will willingly provide you their email address or cellular number in exchange for access to their wifi. They will not only provide this information but they will opt in to use your wifi. The collection of this opted-in data is strategically powerful for the retailer.

The results of these analytics deepen the interaction with your customers and enable you to:

  • Personalize communications
  • Predict if you are about to lose them as a customer
  • Know if you have lost them as a customer
  • Offer a timely coupon for use on this visit
  • And much, much more!

As an additional layer in your marketing stack, Guest Wifi makes your other marketing efforts, more efficient and more effective.

Large MegaMartAzon’s do not give away their Wifi for Free. Why should you?

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